The amenities of life have been chasing my soul, And my mind is transcendental and I'm losing all control, And I'm sinking in the quagmire of illusions and Thoreau. I cry out, "My name is T-Bone!" and a hound dog digs a hole. You ask so many questions, what answers should I choose? Is this Plato's heebie-jeebies or just existential blues?

Tom T-Bone Stankus filled the early eighties airwaves of the Dr. Demento radio show with some of the most Hi T-Bone....I need content for this page...I've just thrown a few ideas at ya....

T-T-Bone is originally from Sterling, Connecticut. From 1972 to 1977 he taught at Wolcott, Connecticut public schools, and was a part-time entertainer. He said, "One day I looked at my situation and discovered I was making more money on the side then I was teaching. So I went into it full time." He toured New England, and performed nightly for many summers. In the winters, he sometimes toured in Florida, but mostly worked in libraries, schools and theaters.

Tom is now enjoying great success as a family entertainer and song writer, with a full schedule of appearances and great reviews!

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The amenitieave been chasing my soul,